Ice Classed Tug 50t

The Owner requires that the vessel operate in the harsh environment of the North Caspian Sea, with the maximum flexibility to meet its operational requirements and to allow for its shallow draft. Moreover, the ice quantity in the working areas is remarkable.


The main service of the vessel is to tow, with bollard pull of not less than 50 tonnes.

In ice navigation, with the channel opened by an ice-breaker, the vessel will be also able to push a barge.

In both configurations, navigation in very shallow waters has been considered as a fundamental task.

The propulsion system consists of Diesel electric/Mechanical Diesel driven ”Hybrid ” type, consisting of two diesel/alternator sets driving two azimuth thrusters and a main diesel engine driving a conventional fixed pitch propeller.


General characteristics:
Characteristics Value
Length between   perpendiculars 45.90 m
Breadth, moulded 16.00 m
Depth, moulded 5.00 m
Draft at summer freeboard mark, above B.L. 3.50 m
Max. Cont. Rating of M.E. 7060 kW
Bollard Pull 50 t
Free running service   speed abt. 11 knots
Speed in ice channel   navigation abt. 5 knots


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