Ice Classed Barges

The first project developed in 2004 by Navalprogetti was a feasibility study for the design and construction of three different types of ice classed cargo barges, intended to operate in shallow waters, throughout the year.  To fulfill the requirements for sailing in shallow waters and through level ice, a particular hull shape has been developed and tested.  The barge was tested in the Krylov water basin in free and iced water.  The maneuverability of the convoy was also a major task, so particular attention was dedicated to this matter.

The three barge categories developed were:

  • Flat Top / Tank Barge: to transport general cargo on the main deck. In addition to the deck load, the Barge will be suitable for transporting oily water and fuel oil in dedicated tanks. The Barge will be fitted with a bower ramp to allow ro-ro operation.
  • Barite-Cement Barge: to transport Dry-Bulk such as barite and/or cement in dedicated vessels served by a pneumatic system.
  • Liquid Mud Barge: to transport water or oil based mud in dedicated vessels.

One of the barges studied was built in 2005.  It is the Flat top /Tank barge for transportation of fuel oily, oily waters and deck cargo. The barge is ice strengthened in accordance with the Finnish-Swedish rules and is pushed in winter iced North Caspian Sea with or without the aid of an ice-breaker, according to the given environmental conditions.



General characteristics:
Characteristics Value
Length between perpendiculars 69.15 m
Breadth,   moulded 14.50 m
Depth,   mooulded 4.00 m
Draft for ice   navigation 2.50 m