Ice Beam Test Campaign

In the campaigns of the last years, the activity has been expanded to include the Investigation on the mechanical and physics properties of the ice.

The final aim of this campaign was to provide a reliable methodology to correlate the mechanical properties of the ice to its physical parameters.

The measurements were performed with the following test methods:

  • Cantilever beam test
  • Ice coring crush test
  • Simply supported beam          

During the tests, several coring were extracted from the ice and deeply analysed.

The following measurements were completed in order to evaluate the brine volume of the fields:

  • Ice gradient temperature: High Precision Digital Thermometer
  • Ice gradient salinity: Conductivity/TDS/NaCl Portable Meters    

The activity has been developed in collaboration with the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institut, in particular with the Ice Tank Department, the Ship and Offshore Structure Department and the Icebreaker Design Department.

The following organisations have also been involved in the Trials.

  • The National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics of Trieste (OGS), Trieste – Italy;
  • Schottel Research & Development Department, Spay – Germany;
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) University of Trieste, Trieste – Italy;
  • Department of Naval Architecture (DINMA) University of Trieste, Trieste – Italy.