Full Scale Trials in Ice

Starting from 2008 Navalprogetti has been involved in a full scale trial campaign in level ice in the North Caspian Sea.

The North Caspian Sea is covered by ice for about 5 months a year and the ice layer can reach a thickness of about 60 cm with an ice flexural strength of about 600 kPa.

All aspects of navigation in ice has been studied in collaboration with the Russian Krylov Institute.

The first activities were related to the definition of real ice going capability of the Ice Breaking Emergency Evacuation Vessel (IBEEV) fleet owned by AgipKCO, and to identify the limiting ice conditions which can guarantee IBEEV to sail independently.

During the design process, the vessel was tested in an ice model basin.

In order to validate the results of ice tank tests, it was decided to carry out a wide campaign of full scale trials in a real scenario.

The purpose of IBEEV Full Scale trial in ice was to investigate the following themes:

  • ice going capability of the vessel;
  • global structural response;
  • bow structural response during ice breaking process;
  • stern structural response during ice milling;
  • propeller strength limits for ice navigation;
  • propulsor operational limitation for ice navigation;
  • vibration analysis.

The following equipment was installed during the trials:

  • additional GPS
  • power analyzer
  • inductive sensors for shaft speed measurements
  • steering indicator
  • torsiometers