Support Barge for the Rig SUNKAR

The Agip KCO, company operating in the North East Caspian Sea, intends to drill North Caspian Sea fields with the Sunkar Rig owned by Parker Drilling. The Sunkar is a shallow water drilling pontoon, specially designed to operate while resting on the sea bottom.

Rig sunkar

Due to the deep level of the seabed in some North Caspian Sea drilling fields, Agip KCO needs to develop a design for a subsea structure to be interposed between the bottom of the Sunkar and the seabed. This new steel support structure can be used as alternative to the berm methods.  The structure positioning is less time consuming compared to the berm construction.

Navalprogetti developed a detailed study for such construction. The SUNKAR support structure (barge) will allow the SUNKAR Rig to carry out drilling operations in harsh environmental conditions with the possibility of re-using the BARGE in different locations/water levels.

The system will have easy and quick installation/removal procedure, and can be adjusted in height so it can be used in different water levels. The height tuning will be done by means of hydraulic jacks, and can be carried out onshore or offshore.

The barge will allow the Rig “Sunkar” to operate between 4.6 and 10.3 m of sea water level.

substructure 3